Christmas and Ukuleles

Christmas has come and gone and this year it was wonderful.  Saw the family and just relaxed.  I’ve needed this.

I bought the wife a drum machine, drum sticks and a beat box.  Now that she is s percussionist it’s only appropriate.  She now carries the drum sticks around with her and beats on everything.   The steel drum band has really opened her up to the musical world.

I’m very lucky in the gift thing. The family must be reading my blog because I got Bryan Ferry cds that fill a hole in my library (including the new one).   Also some electronic toys but the exciting thing is I got a Lanikai Concert Ukulele.    It is made from koa wood and is a beauty.

I’ve been playing the ukulele on and off but have been frustrated by the poor quality of the tuners.  They go out of tune so easily.  Plus the soprano is so small.  I really needed a concert size.

I already have three ukuleles but they are all tenors and two of them are on the cheap side.  A couple years ago I acquired a 1920 Martin Tenor Ukulele that needs a little bit of work.  Three of the tuners are gone and I need to get it to a luthier.  I just haven’t had the time.  I think I will do that soon.


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