Google Earth and Standing Stones

I’ve spent the past couple days housesitting for a friend.  It was an odd experience as there was no internet access.  I now understand what the pioneers went through.

I spent most of the time working playing the banjo and watching tv shows like Modern Famly and The Big Bang Theory on DVD.   The solitude was quite enjoyable.

My last post on The Isle of Lewis got a lot of responses and questions as to why I am so interested in Standing Stones, Stone Circles, and Dolmen.  The simple answer is I am in awe of their permanence.  My family settled in Sheffield Village, Ohio in 1846 and during my genealogy research I found a map of the area from 1870.  It showed a series of Indian Mounds all along the Black River and also along the French Creek.  Then I found another map from 1920 and they were all gone.  What a shame.

The standing stones in The Hebrides along with the others all through Britain, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy have stood for thousands of years.  Roman armies have marched past them.  Why do they respect their history while we disrespect ours?

Anyway, now that I have time to renew my interest in Megaliths I’ve been having fun with Google Maps with Street View.  With Street View you can walk down the street almost anywhere in the world and look around.  I decided to take it for a spin on the Outer Hebrides.  I started with the Isle of Lewis, then went to Harris and eventually to Barra.

Walking through Lewis I was able to approach Callanish and get a pretty good look.  Here is what I saw, Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Most of the stones and circles are frustratingly off the road so all you can see are glimpses but some are incredible fun like finding Coire Na Feinne in someones’ front yard.

To see a much better picture of Coire Na Feinne look here.

I spent a lot of time playing online poker and while doing that I walk around the islands looking for Megaliths.  I will post more as I find them.

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