Correcting Embiggen

Yesterday  I put a couple pictures of standing stones on my site and above them I put, ‘click on the pictures to embiggen‘.   I found the pictures interesting so I got the wife to look at them (she never reads my blog).  She found embiggen hilarious.  She called me a poser and called the daughter in who likened me to a hipster.   To make matters worse when she clicked on the top photo it didn’t enlarge.  I had made a mistake with the coding.

Embiggen is not actually a word, it is a neologism  It was first used in an episode of The Simpsons.   The town motto of Springfield is “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”  I’ve seen it used on many websites meaning to enlarge a picture.

I have been sufficiently chastised and have changed the wording to ‘Click on the pictures to enlarge’.  Plus, now the picture actually gets bigger when you click on it.  Everything is now cromulent.

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