Month: August 2012

Things That Annoy Me #8

Rebates.  They don’t just annoy me, I hate them.

Case in point.  Recently I went to my dealership to get my car serviced.  The total came to $68.99 but as I went to pay the man said that it’s really only $58.99 because I get a $10 mail-in rebate.

I have one of the finest noses when it comes to bullshit so I gave it less than a second of thought and realized I was getting screwed.  If they had charged me $58.99 that would be nice but instead by charging me the extra ten I had to pay sales tax on the extra ten.  So I have to pay 62.5¢ sales tax.  $10 – 62.5¢ = $9.37.5   Now I have to buy a stamp at 42¢.  Now we are down to $8.95.  Plus I have to get an envelope, fill out the form and mail it.  Then wait four to six weeks to get my money.

The bottom line I hate it for two reasons.

1.  I don’t get the ten dollars promises.  I get $8.95.

2. It’s a hassle

3. The company is essentially being dishonest because they expect a percentage of the users won’t do it as it is too much of a hassle.

As a rule if I have a choice I avoid places that offer me rebates.  This one is a good example.  I needed the work done and I did it.  If I had known there was a rebate before the work was done I would have gone somewhere else.