Month: September 2012

A Lot Going On

After my brother died we had a surprise when my mother’s health took a turn.  She started acting confused and fearing a stroke took her to the emergency room.  The reason for her confusion was her sodium levels were low.  They did test to find out why and discovered tumors in her lungs and spots on her liver.

My mom took it well saying, “I’ve been smoking 71 years and it never bothered me until now”.

She was hospitalized and due to her agoraphobia someone had to be with her 24 hours a day.    A couple night I sat in a chair for 7 to 11 hours and it was brutal.  My sister took over much of the sitting but she works.  Finally we got other family members involved.  Took some of the stress off but it was exhausting.

Because of this she could no longer drive so I became her driver.  I took her to all of her many doctors appointments and when she had none I would take her to her morning McDonald’s Koffee Klatch with her elderly friends.  For two hours she would laugh with her friends while I sat in my truck practicing the banjo or guitar.

She got sick again and had to be hospitalized.  The medications were too much and after a few days and a blood transfusion she was back to her old self.

This week I took her to the oncologist and it’s always the same.  She walks in slowly with her cane and the minute the appointment is over she sprints outside to have a cigarette.