New Years 2014

It’s been a tough couple years since I retired.  My brother died in May of 2012, my aunt died in November, in between my mother discovered she had cancer.  In the summer my other aunt (both were my father’s sisters) died.  Then in September my mother died.   I was lucky that I was able to talk openly with my mother and gather stories.  After so many deaths it seems like all my links to the past are gone.

It wasn’t all sadness, there was so much more.  I went to a banjo workshop in Pennsylvania with Pat & Patrick Costello.  It went so well that I was invited to teach at their Crisfield Banjo Retreat.  I’ve returned to chess, guitar and genealogy.  I’ve done very well in poker, playing in the CPMG (Cleveland Poker Meetup Group) and also the PCPL (People’s Choice Poker League), Plus I have started to work on my health.  It’s time to drop the weight.

My main goal in my life is to become the person that I’ve always considered myself to be.

I’m back to blogging.  I will be updating.  It is so odd to be really retired.  I have big plans.

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