Month: June 2017

Upgrading for Vegas

My wonderful wife decided that the cat would be lonely while we are in Vegas so she invested in a WiFi enabled cat food dish.  It will feed the cat automatically, allow my wife to see and hear the cat and speak to the cat.

It only makes sense.  Why have a two dollar cat food dish when you can spend $150?  I’m looking forward to seeing the wife interact with the cat as she rails me at The Main Event.

The Jack $500 Deepstack

Played in the Deepstack as I prepare for The Main Event.  The structure is great, starting at 25/25 with thirty minute blinds.

Started out fine but had a guy on my right playing like a maniac.  His bet sizes were way out of line and he bet me off a couple of hands that I probably should have called.

At the 75/100 level I lost a bunch of chips when my set of tens was cracked by a rivered set of jacks.

I kept getting small pairs, threes, fours and sixes.  I had to see a flop and none of them grew up and the flop was always some variation of AKJ.  It was brutal.  I won a few small pots but couldn’t get any traction.  I had thirty big blinds on the button when the first to act raised to 1200 when blinds were 25/150/300.  Surprisingly five people called.  I look down and see A♦A♥.  I raise to 6000 and the initial raiser goes all in with me covered.  I call and he turns over tens.  Sure enough he flops a ten and I’m out.  Ouch.

Variance is a bitch.

Pity this man

PCPL Championship Game

I played in the PCPL Championship game and made final table but made a couple blunders and didn’t make the money.  I had a bad table draw and got frustrated and let it affect my play.  I don’t normally let that happen.

Congratulations to Cheryl for the win.  You are a fine player and deserve it.

Legionaries Disease and me

My wonderful friend Linda post on Facebook about Legionaries Disease in Las Vegas on my FB page.

Essentially the found the bacteria in the water supply of The Rio, of course that is where we are staying.

Bacteria causing a sometimes deadly type of pneumonia were found in the water system of the famed Las Vegas Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

The Southern Nevada Health District announced Friday two separate guests who stayed at the hotel at different times in March and April contracted Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by the Legionella bacteria.

After the two cases were reported, officials took a water sample, which showed Legionella existed throughout the facility’s water system.

Just to hammer it down.

A Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at a Philadelphia hotel in 1976 killed 29 people attending an American Legion event.

This is so funny because I was raised by an agoraphobic and going anywhere was terrifying.  I didn’t go to the library until I was seventeen because it was two miles away.  My mother would roll over in her grave if she thought I was going.

So, looking at it logically.  Las Vegas gets three and a half million visitors a month and two people got sick in two months.  We should be ok.

It would be a great poker story if I won the Main Event and then died of Legionaries.

New Glasses

I decided to get sunglasses for the WSOP.  Since I turned sixty I can’t see the cards without glasses so I got prescription sunglasses.  They weren’t as expensive as I expected.  I went for The Matrix look.


Total Rewards Silliness

Knowing how my life goes I never expect things to go easily.  Everything is always farce.

In order to play in The WSOP you need a Total Rewards Players Card.  I have one since I played a great deal at The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland.  A while back the casino was sold and became The Jack.  Ok.  Here is where the fun begins.

I decide to pay the $10k buy-in for the WSOP online.  Get it done.  After all I already have the flight and room.  I go to the site, do all the proper typing and it says my Total Rewards Card is invalid.  I spend an hour trying to get it activated to no avail.  Frustrated I call the Total Rewards headquarters in Las Vegas.  The woman who answered was very upbeat but asked why I let it lapse.  I explained the casino was sold.  She said, no problem.  All I had to do was go to another casino that used Total Rewards.  I asked where the closest one was and she said, Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey.  I explained that the closest was six and a half hours away, one way.  She said there was one in Canada too.  Of course, I don’t have a passport.

Frustrated I asked to speak to her supervisor.  An even more upbeat woman asked why I let my card become invalid and then repeated what I’d been told.  I eventually gave up.

So, I can take an entire day driving to and from another state to get my card validated or I can wait  until I get to Las Vegas.  Who knows what I will do.

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