I’ve decided to reboot this blog.

Since I last wrote so much has happened.  I retired in 2011 to take care of my younger brother who had colon cancer.  Endless doctors, chemo and radiation until his death in May of 2012.  Soon after my mother found out she had lung cancer.  It was once again up to me to get her to the same doctors, chemo an radiation.  We spend a lot of time together until her death in September of 2013.  I was exhausted but soon after I found out my other brother had mouth cancer after years of tobacco and alcohol abuse.  I spent the last couple of years taxiing him around and handling all of his medical appointments and surgeries.  During all this I was also caregiver for my father-in-law.

My brother got better and my father-in-law passed in February.  Finally I was free to be retired person and throw myself into the things I loved like poker and music.  I began taking my guitar playing seriously and my poker even more so.

A lot is  happening and I will be updating regularly.

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