Total Rewards Silliness

Knowing how my life goes I never expect things to go easily.  Everything is always farce.

In order to play in The WSOP you need a Total Rewards Players Card.  I have one since I played a great deal at The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland.  A while back the casino was sold and became The Jack.  Ok.  Here is where the fun begins.

I decide to pay the $10k buy-in for the WSOP online.  Get it done.  After all I already have the flight and room.  I go to the site, do all the proper typing and it says my Total Rewards Card is invalid.  I spend an hour trying to get it activated to no avail.  Frustrated I call the Total Rewards headquarters in Las Vegas.  The woman who answered was very upbeat but asked why I let it lapse.  I explained the casino was sold.  She said, no problem.  All I had to do was go to another casino that used Total Rewards.  I asked where the closest one was and she said, Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey.  I explained that the closest was six and a half hours away, one way.  She said there was one in Canada too.  Of course, I don’t have a passport.

Frustrated I asked to speak to her supervisor.  An even more upbeat woman asked why I let my card become invalid and then repeated what I’d been told.  I eventually gave up.

So, I can take an entire day driving to and from another state to get my card validated or I can wait  until I get to Las Vegas.  Who knows what I will do.

Image result for frustration

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