All about me.

I’m Randall Bott.  The reason I originally started blogging was to share my short stories.  I was raised in an odd family.  My father was an alcoholic who died when I was ten leaving my mother with seven children ages sixteen to  two years old.  Not just a two year old but triplet two year olds.  My mother has suffered with agoraphobia for the past fifty-four years and the affect that it had on my family (along with the poverty) is the basis for most of my stories.  The stories are almost all humorous, that is the way we handled adversity.

Aside from the short stories I play guitar, banjo and the dulcimer.  I’ve been playing chess in tournaments since I was ten.  I also raise succulents specializing in lithops.  I am currently restoring a 1979 MG Midget and a 1973 Honda C750.

This blog is a reflection of my odd life.  Take a look around and see if any of it interests you.

One thought on “About

  1. Hey Randy,
    This is an awesome website. Just a reminder that the Oberlin Writer’s Group meets every Wednesday in the Owen Room at the Oberlin Public Library at 6 p.m. Everyone brings their writing projects to read aloud (you may make copies of short pieces for people to write comments on) It’s a good group of folks.

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