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Wish You Were Shady

My wife is truly adorable.

I’ve been playing a lot of banjo and this morning I was playing Cluck Old Hen and Shady Grove, both in Sawmill Tuning (also known as Mountain Minor, G-Modal, etc.).  The wife said, “What was that song you played before the Plucky Chicken?”  I told her it wasn’t Plucky Chicken but Cluck Old Hen and the one before that was Shady Grove.  She said that Shady Grove sounded a lot like the opening to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

I thought about it and she is right.  They are similar so I started playing around and trying to combine the two into Wish You Were Shady.  When I get a reasonable version up and playable I will post on YouTube and here.

Here is a nice version of Shady Grove played on a Ramsey Bacon by Donald Zepp.

And of course, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

I’m also going to work on a wild variation of Cluck Old Hen and call it Plucky Chicken.

UPDATE:  The wife says that I played Shady Grove a lot slower so it is easier to see the similarities.  Need to get my drop thumb a bit smoother.

Banjo Porn

As my skill with the banjo slowly improves I’ve been looking to reward myself with a new banjo.  Originally I had decided to get a Bart Reiter Whyte Ladie but he has stopped making them.  I like the sound of the Whyte Ladie tone ring andalso the look his version.  You can see a picture of one here.  The one you see is in stock but I won’t be able to get one for a while.  Plus there are some things extra that I want, like a frailing scoop and personalized inlays and such.

I played a banjo recently that exceeded my expectations, a Buckeye Banjo.  The ability to customize the banjo what really attracts me to it.  While I save up money for it I can decide what kind of wood, whether I want half-fretless or what kind of frailing scoop.  Take a look at some of his banjos and you will see real works or art.  This is something I have to have.

Take a look at these pictures and also here.

I am saving up my money.  I already have the best guitar money can buy.  Now it is time to get the banjo that I want.

Jeopardy and the Banjo

I love the tv quiz show Jeopardy even though I know I would do poorly on it.  I know nothing of sports and little about European rivers.

I found this post about Tony Fox winning big money on the show.  I love the last line in the newspaper article.

Fox won’t receive his prize money for several months, but this much he knows: he plans to buy a banjo and wife wants to install a new patio in their backyard.

At least he has his priorities in order.

Standing Stones, Banjo & The Isle of Lewis

When I retire I want to go to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  All my life I have been fascinated by Megaliths.  I’ve read every book and researched every website I can find on standing stones, stone circles and dolmen.

The Isle of Lewis has The Callanish Stones.  It is hard to pinpoint when the site was constructed but I’ve read anywhere from 1800 -2600 BC.   Here is a great picture I found on Flickr by someone calling himself Randomdam.

Here is another one showing scale.  It is from someone called The Ewan.

There are many megalithic sites in the area and you can read about the Callanish Stones here.

The other day I was reading a banjo blog and came across a twenty-minute video of some guys bicycling through the Outer Hebrides.  The video is titled, The Outer Hebridean Ice Cream Adventure.

The video is a lot of fun as they are cycling, playing the banjo and making ice cream along the way.

Around the 14:30 mark they enter Carlabhagh and proceed to make ice cream in the middle of The Callanish Stones.

This video is a real treat.  If you watch the video be sure and go to their website and read about the adventure.

I must go to Scotland and see this.  I have friends who can’t imagine retiring.  They say, “What will you do with your time?”  Watch the video.