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The 8th Man and Facebook

When I was a kid there were a couple manga cartoons on T.V. on Saturday mornings.  The first was Astroboy.  It was alright but didn’t really do it for me. The second was Tobor The 8th Man.  He was the coolest cartoon superhero I had ever seen.   The storyline was about a detective who was dying and his life force was transferred over to a robot body.  It was the eighth attempt so that is why he was called Tobor (Robot backwards) The Eighth Man.

He was super fast, had armor skin and for energy smoked plutonium cigarettes.  This was one tough son of toaster.  My favorite episode was where he was hit in the chest with a missile and was so damaged  he was leaking energy.  The only way he could survive was to chain smoke his plutonium cigarettes until he could be repaired.  I was shocked when it went off the air.

This month there is a Facebook theme where you replace your picture with a cartoon picture from your childhood.   Supposedly it is a way to stop child abuse.  I have no idea how it does that but here is the post on a bunch of walls.

Change your Default FB pic to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB until Monday the 6th of Dec. Join the fight against child abuse and invite your friends to do the same!

It’s been said that Tobor the 8th Man was the inspiration for RoboCop.  That makes sense but I think Tobor was a lot tougher and had one heck of a sports car.