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Wish You Were Shady

My wife is truly adorable.

I’ve been playing a lot of banjo and this morning I was playing Cluck Old Hen and Shady Grove, both in Sawmill Tuning (also known as Mountain Minor, G-Modal, etc.).  The wife said, “What was that song you played before the Plucky Chicken?”  I told her it wasn’t Plucky Chicken but Cluck Old Hen and the one before that was Shady Grove.  She said that Shady Grove sounded a lot like the opening to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

I thought about it and she is right.  They are similar so I started playing around and trying to combine the two into Wish You Were Shady.  When I get a reasonable version up and playable I will post on YouTube and here.

Here is a nice version of Shady Grove played on a Ramsey Bacon by Donald Zepp.

And of course, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

I’m also going to work on a wild variation of Cluck Old Hen and call it Plucky Chicken.

UPDATE:  The wife says that I played Shady Grove a lot slower so it is easier to see the similarities.  Need to get my drop thumb a bit smoother.