Month: September 2014

Things That Annoy Me #63

I got this in the mail yesterday.



My birthday was a couple weeks ago and it felt like a card or invitation.  Look at the return address.  I don’t know anyone in El Segundo, Ca but know a lot of people with the surname Thomas.

I opened it and found this.



with this



This was purposefully deceptive.   I will NEVER use DirecTV,  If they are this deceptive with their advertising then how can they be trusted with my billing or other business practices.

When I’m driving my car and ad come on for auto dealerships many they all have disclaimers at the end.  Some have the person speaking very fast and add on oscillating sounds to make it nearly impossible to understand what they are saying.  It is an obviously deceptive practice.  Why would anyone buy a car from a place that is willing to be deceptive.  What make them think that they would be honest in their business practices if they are dishonest in other facets of their business.