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White and Nerdy

Last week a friend of mine had a birthday and one of his obsessions is old comic books.  Specifically comic books from The Silver Age.  It just so happens that I have a shit-load large number of those comics so I  took a few boxes with me and we had a great time going through them.  It was amazing how he knew all of the villains and even more amazing how many heroes and villains I remembered.

I began collecting Marvel Comics when I was eighteen.  They cost $0.15 a piece back then and I finally had a good job.  Every week I’d buy a few and spend a little extra to fill in the missing ones from my collection.  Within a few years the price started to rise.  I stopped buying when they got to $0.40.

I haven’t really looked at the comics in over thirty years.  Last night I started organizing and frankly was a little amazed.  I have the entire series of The Silver Surfer (1968), Iron Man from number 1 to 200, Daredevil, Avengers, Spiderman from 12 up and so on.  It’s an amazing collection.

I’m going to spend this week getting them organized and boxed up properly.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.  They are no longer a passion.  We will see.

I was going through them and realized what a stereotypical nerd I was.  Captain of the chess team, sang in a choir and collected comic books.  Let’s face it, I am white and nerdy.