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Postal Anachronisim

I’ve been playing a lot of poker lately and decided to level up and enter some bigger tournaments.  The Ohio Poker Championship is coming up in a couple weeks and decided to enter.  I went to their website and found you couldn’t pay online.  You had to print out the entry form, fill it out and mail it in.  It was truly bizarre.  I am so used to paying all of my bills online.

I printed it out, filled out a check, filled in the banks, found an envelope.  I looked in my financial drawer and found a bunch of stamps and realized I hadn’t actually mailed anything in years.  The stamps had no value on them so I went to the post office.  They only had one clerk and about fifteen people in line.  I stood in line for ten minutes and finally it moved slightly.  I started talking to people and an older lady saw my stamps and said they were forever stamps.  I hadn’t noticed the word forever on it. Life was good, I could just affix one to the envelope and I could be off.

The whole process seemed so antiquated and labor intensive.  I left feeling like I had just visited an Amish community.

As I approached my car I noticed an older black guy standing next to my car.  I knew what was coming.  He said his house had burnt down and was now living in Cleveland.  He came for his check and it wasn’t there and he didn’t have gas to get home.  Could I help?  He was either lying or stupid as his check wouldn’t come on the thirty-first but both my wife and I have been in a situation like this.  I followed him to the gas station across the street and put six dollars in his tank.

I don’t give to charities as a rule.  I find it annoying that they pay their big wigs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  I’d rather help some poor schlep every once in a while.