The Jack $500 Deepstack

Played in the Deepstack as I prepare for The Main Event.  The structure is great, starting at 25/25 with thirty minute blinds.

Started out fine but had a guy on my right playing like a maniac.  His bet sizes were way out of line and he bet me off a couple of hands that I probably should have called.

At the 75/100 level I lost a bunch of chips when my set of tens was cracked by a rivered set of jacks.

I kept getting small pairs, threes, fours and sixes.  I had to see a flop and none of them grew up and the flop was always some variation of AKJ.  It was brutal.  I won a few small pots but couldn’t get any traction.  I had thirty big blinds on the button when the first to act raised to 1200 when blinds were 25/150/300.  Surprisingly five people called.  I look down and see A♦A♥.  I raise to 6000 and the initial raiser goes all in with me covered.  I call and he turns over tens.  Sure enough he flops a ten and I’m out.  Ouch.

Variance is a bitch.

Pity this man

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